A Prayer For The Earth

by The Rev Anthea Ballam

The earth is yours and mine
And the glorious sky.
As you made me
So you made the starling
And the owl
The glorious oak and elm.

In weaving your wisdom
You formed the sea
And her melodious song
Harmonising with the whale and the bird

You are in me
And above me
You are below me and beside me.
You created worlds within worlds
Gifts beyond understanding
Beauty beyond measure
Captured in a sphere of perfect blue.

And so we bow to you…
Call upon angels and spirits,
In the leaves and born on the air
Implore you
With power
And glory
To give us strength
That we may share.
In worship and wisdom this day.

Let’s join in mind, and spirit
In prayer and love to bring healing
To this most wonderful of worlds –
For when this world suffers, we suffer.
For we are all as one.