Do Not Despair

by The Rev Anthea Ballam

Do not despair
Though you hear the cries of suffering and sadness around you
Though you walk through the valley of death with fear in your heart
Do not despair

Do not despair
If the one you love has been taken from you
If the divine flower of life has been extinguished
Do not despair

In the darkest hour
In the moment of empty desolation
There shines a light:
You may not see it, but it is there
It is the light of the One that made you
The One that made your beloved
And the one that shaped the world

In the world of shadows there is a seed of light
So when you step into the gloom
Do not be afraid
A hand will guide you
It is my hand and also the hand of another
It is the hand of your angel
It is the hand of the One that made us
Bringing us together in this moment
Now and forever

More glorious than hope
More radiant than joy
We are loved
We are at one with the One
We will walk from the darkness together into the light
Knowing that darkness and light are within us and around us

We are beings from a world of summer and winter, day and night
Put aside fear and sadness
So that we may be healed
By the spirit of all things
Now and forever.