Living and Dying Workshop in Dorset Nov 2014

Having recently taken part in this workshop I can thoroughly recommend it, the next one takes place in Dorset in November 2014. Having lived with the experience for a week I felt drawn to write the following:

‘Having well and truly faced my own mortality it feels like I have been given a second chance. Each day feels so sweet, like a new beginning. Bird song seems louder and clearer than usual, the colour of the flowers more vibrant – I have found a deeper meaning to life. I am living in the moment, enjoying and cherishing all that surrounds me and of course – laughing a lot!’ Jean Francis – One Spirit Interfaith Minister, pre-need funeral arranger and author.

The following was written by a previous ‘Dying to Live’ workshop participant:

A Cure for Constipation

I came to the workshop with bad constipation

And such a fierce pain in my head,

But I didn’t expect to attend my cremation —

I didn’t expect to be dead !

 But death has assisted my recuperation

And now I’m beginning to thrive –

For the poems, the photos, the fun meditations,

The obits, the songs, the artistic creations,

The gibberish, hugging and visualisations,

The teachings of Osho, the carers-and-patients,

The dancing, the laughter, the tears, the elation

Have wakened in me joyous anticipation –

I want to jump into a wild celebration –

I’m dying to feel so alive !