My grandson’s naming ceremony and teddy bears’ picnic took place in the family’s cottage garden beneath a willow tree. The joy of preparing for this special celebration with my daughter and her husband made me realise that many other young parents may like to explore such possibilities. This is a chapter from my yet unpublished book of Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies.

Recognising a sense of the divine in the natural world, Carrie and Brian have always felt most at peace while in the countryside, whether on horseback or walking the dogs. Read more

Has Your Child Been Formally Welcomed Into This World?

Those that follow a traditional faith-path will no doubt go to their own place of worship to have their off-spring blessed, named and welcomed into the world.

There are many people who have a deep spirituality but feel they don’t fit into any particular box; rather like me before I trained to become a OneSpirit Interfaith minister/celebrant.

My training enables me to respect people of all faiths or none, holding the view that there are many paths to one truth. Together, with the family I create and carry out creative and loving ceremonies that celebrate the many milestones of life.

A ceremony creates a heart and a focus to any gathering especially when witnessed by family and friends, becoming an important milestone in the lives of all those present.

Here are just a few ideas:

• Combining a blessing on your relationship with having your child/children officially named, blessed and welcomed into your family
• Such a ceremony can take place almost anywhere, choose an unusual venue
• Within a mixed race relationship; rituals, customs , readings and music from both faiths can be interwoven
• If you have complicated family issues, together, we can usually find a way around problems
• Create rituals that tell your family story
• Make promises that you know you can keep
• If you love the great outdoors, combine a naming ceremony within a country walk and picnic
• Remember those unable to be present for whatever reason by lighting a candle in their honour.

We are all unique beings, let us together, create a ceremony that honours your uniqueness as a family – Contact me – I’m always up for a challenge!!

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