Horsham Festival – Celebrating the Wheel of Life: Sat. May 23rd 11.00am – 12.00pm. Starting at the Human Nature Garden in Horsham Park, this unique event features a walk and ceremony led by Mindfulness Coach, Dorothy Larios, & ceremony by Trish Norman. Those with unwell or distantly located friends or relatives may find this earth based ceremony particularly comforting.

Dorothy Larios Says: ‘If you have someone dear to you who is ill or suffering, a friend that lives far from you on the other side of the country or planet or are you wishing to make a profound difference to planet earth- then join us.

Teaching mindfulness incorporates how to walk more mindfully on the planet which makes our daily automatic walking become more meaningful.  This Mindful Walking session in the Human Nature Garden is for those including children who want to imprint a message on the earth with their footprints. These can be healing words that we imagine writing on our soles or cut out footprints that we attach to our feet. This is giving a simple introduction, asking you to walk quietly noticing where you place your feet and how each breath can match your pace as you walk. Encouraging you to think to whom or where your healing messages might go.’