There are many ways of celebrating special occasions. A ceremony can become the focal point of a gathering for what ever reason. A ceremony is sometimes referred to as a rite of passage or ritual and can prove to be a powerful experience. Usually witnessed by others, it empowers us to progress from one stage of life to the next. Ceremonies can take place almost anywhere: In the garden, on the beach, a wild flower meadow or in a hot air balloon – the sky really is the limit!

As a OneSpirit minister I have an open approach to spirituality that embraces the truth of all faiths or none. Together we can create ceremonies around what is important to you, whether your ideas are traditional, alternative or a fusion of both.

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, so if you are interested in Native American traditions we can include earth based rituals into any ceremony. These powerful rituals hold the potential for healing and transformation.

Here are some of the more unique ceremonies for every stage of life that I can help you create:
• Baby/child naming/welcoming/blessing
• Wedding blessings
• Vow renewal
• Hand-fasting
• Healing
• House blessings
• Loving separation
• Coming of age
• Transition
• Anniversaries
• Retirement
• Funerals
• Memorials
• For a person who has received a terminal prognosis, an end of life celebration can be created that honours their life whilst surrounded by loved ones.

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Testimonial for a house blessing ceremony: ‘Jean Francis designed  a house blessing ceremony for me when I moved, into a small & unloved flat. Her own gentle presence & the creative ritual she designed so beautifully enabled me to turn an empty house into a welcoming home. Maybe we all need such a tangible Blessing Ceremony to experience the Divine in our daily life.’ — Sue Cash.