The following pages include many ideas that are different, which will reflect your character, passions and philosophies when pre-planning your own funeral or that of a loved one:

By law a body must be either buried or cremated. But within these parameters the choices can be as colourful as your imagination. You may wish to plan a traditional affair but with personalised finishing touches, or maybe something more dramatic? In all that I suggest, reverence to others will be a deep consideration as will environmental awareness.

Perhaps you are drawn to the idea of a Viking funeral? Although legally this can not be carried out in total authenticity we can create an occasion full of symbolism and drama. Perhaps you prefer the idea of mourners entering a woodland glade to the accompaniment of drums, with an invocation to the four elements. This could include a graveside meditation with chanting and a picnic to follow the burial.

Whether you invite God, the Goddess or invoke the Divine Presence of Angels to your funeral the choice is yours. Maybe you are passionate about Native American culture, Wiccan or Pagan rituals or you may wish to include traditions and customs from around the world. I look forward to working with you.