What other words or phrases do you use instead of saying the words died or death?

Recently, at Horsham Death Café we discovered 47 words or phrases that people use rather than say that someone has ‘died’ or there has been a ‘death’. Yes 45! How many can you think of before checking the list that follows?
Passed over
He popped his clogs
Kicked the bucket
She went to sleep
Passed away                                                                                                                    Transition
Pushing up the daisies
Gone to heaven
Shuffled off the mortal coil
Gone into the next room
Gone away – where?
Gone to live with God
Hung up his spurs
Passed on
No longer with us
Left us
With the angels
6foot under
Lost him
Happy release
Dear departed
Heading for higher realms
Passing the final test
Lying in state
The last goodbye
Eternal sleep
Gone home
To live in the clouds
Gone to the light
Snuffed it
Left his elemental body
Turned to dust
The end
Pegged it
Gone through the pearly gates
Passed over to the other side
Ceased to be
Climbing to the fjords
Gone to a better place
Ceased to exist
Taken his last gasp/breath
Gone to meet his maker