Prayer Of Departure

by The Rev Anthea Ballam

It is the hour of the final journey
the moment of release
When your soul bids farewell
Leaving us in this world

This is your journey
Just as it was when you arrived
Now… you will recall the return
For you have travelled this path before
It is the voyage of destiny

In this moment
When you and I are together
The material gives way to the spirit
And your spirit
Flies free beyond the elements of earth
Now you can cast off the old
Leaving behind a husk, a shell
In a world we once shared

Here in our time and place
We see your departure
And share the last steps
And in this hour and beyond
We recollect your essence
Cherishing you
In a thousand moments and memories

Now we make our declaration and invocation:

May your journey be sweet
May the way be loving
May the path be joyful
While we who remain on earth
Hold you
Like the most perfect flower
In our heart of hearts.