Pre-need Planning

Discussing our funeral arrangements can be difficult, especially with those close to us. Yet it is they, who are most deeply affected, when the time comes.

As a OneSpirit minister and funeral arranger with many years of experience, I can guide through the many options available, respectful of your beliefs whatever they happen to be.

It is my privilege to listen and create with you, funerals or memorial celebrations  that reflect your hobbies, philosophies and lifestyle whether for yourself or a loved one.

I offer many options to suit your personal needs and pocket

Keeping life simple with virtual contact and secure payment using the safety of PayPal

Please email me to set up an initial free 15 minute call so we can find out if which of the following options is appropriate for your personal situation

Option 1:  Shining a light on the subject –  £30

Option 2:  Identifying your final wishes – £90

Option 3: Outlining your personal ceremony/service – £120.00

Option 4: A ‘Ready to Go” personal celebration of your life – £180.00

Details about the above options and method of payments

Pre-need Funeral Planning…

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