Workshops, Talks and Gatherings

 Calling all – solicitors, will writers, hospices, family units, groups, open minded people, environmentalists and forward thinking funeral directors…

Would you like to arrange a workshop for a group of up to 12 people? contact me

As an Interfaith Minister and experienced funeral arranger I will lead the day. Hourly slots can be booked and a combination of subjects covered. This informative opportunity is ideal for people wishing to understand the modern trends in funeral arranging with a focus on personalization and to learn about the many inspiring choices available. There will be time for discussion and questions, space and guidance to plan with lots of fascinating facts about funerals. The day will prove to be; inspirational, moving and even light-hearted!

  • How to create a never-to-be forgotten Life or Memorial Celebration
  • Illuminating ideas – personalising and finding a theme
  • A look at burial, cremation and other options
  • Cutting costs
  • Environmental facts
  • Family participation
  • Looking at the difference between religious services and alternative ceremonies
  • Symbolic gestures, world traditions and customs from around the world
  • Ways to be remembered.

Leave the workshop having clarified your ideas and with information that enables you to write your letter of last wishes.  The resulting Life Celebration will be an occasion that reflects your personal beliefs, passions and life-style.

Family Loss: When children have lost a close relative, arts and crafts that involve the whole family can be a real aid to healing. I can arrange gatherings for family units who wish to participate in the decoration of a casket, using paints, felt-pens, and sparkle with the application of photographs, poetry, prayers and mementoes. To talk and remember during the process of creation is proven to be a helpful aid to the grieving process allowing expression for all concerned. To discuss bookings: contact me.

Gatherings: Parties can be booked at which groups of friends gather to decorate a coffin pre-need with the guidance of a facilitator. As photographs, poems, prayers and symbols are attached memories are re-lived provoking laughter and merriment. This idea is worth considering as part of a special birthday gathering. The resulting work of art can be used as a storage unit in the meanwhile, to be resurrected the next year for further embellishment. Don’t forget to fill the casket with cushions and try it for size! To discuss bookings call me on: 01403 273754 or contact me.

‘A wake before the bake:’ Was how one lady chose to put it recently as she began to arrange her own party. There is a growing trend to hold such a gathering prior to a funeral so that the person in question is able to enjoy a gathering of friends and family and hear all the loving things they have to say about them. It is my suggestion that such an event needs carefully planning with the space being gently held enabling people to express themselves with safety knowing that  support is at hand should this be required; emotions could be highly charged. I have experience and ideas as to how such occasions can become a truly healing experience for all involved: contact me.


  • Are there any alternative choices to cremation or burial?
  • Knowing that my life is reaching its end – what can I do to ease the strain on loved ones at such a difficult time that would also put my mind to rest?
  • I dread the thoughts of a conveyor belt funeral, how can I be sure to avoid this?
  • I am passionate about environmental issues. How can I guarantee that my final gesture leaves no carbon footprints?
  • I am not religious but deeply spiritual, can my funeral reflect my being and how do I go about arranging this?
  • How different dare I be?

Comments from Workshop Delegates:

“Attending Jean’s workshop proved to be a life-enhancing experience”

“I so appreciated learning how to create a non-traditional way of celebrating and honouring a special life”

“By planning our funerals in advance my husband and I feel freer than ever before to regenerate and enjoy our lives.”