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Now you have decided what form your funeral will take, this is an ideal moment to consider how it will be paid for.

Funeral Plans: Paying for a funeral in advance relieves loved ones of financial and emotional burdens at a time when they are least able to cope. Taking out a funeral plan is the most straight forward way of assuring that your funeral wishes are recorded and sufficient funds set aside to pay the expenses. Be sure you choose a plan with a flexible approach as funeral directors costs and what plans offer can vary considerably, also some things you have chosen may not be considered standard.  With environmental awareness and flexibility in mind, contact Golden Leaves for more information:

Making a Will – you will need to nominate executors, who will ensure that your wishes are carried out following your death. Contact your solicitor.

Lasting Power of Attorney – (LPA) is a legal document in England and Wales that allow you to choose someone you trust to manage financial, legal or health affairs on your behalf, should this become necessary. Contact your solicitor.

Advance Decisions – (Living Wills) are essential to protect your interests should you become severely ill or injured and not able to speak for yourself about your wishes. You are advised to keep a copy where it can be easily accessed by your next of kin and lodge a copy with your GP.

Probate – when you die, your family will have to sort out your estate. For information, contact your solicitor.

Have you Considered Organ Donation? Discuss this with family and friends in advance as it is crucial for the right decision is made when death occurs:

The Natural Death Handbook – is a cornucopia of information for those wishing to look deeper into the subject of death, dying and everything connected, available via the website:

Final note: Congratulations! You have pre-planned your departure and possibly set aside funds to cover the cost, written a will and put all your affairs in order. It is now time to collect the relevant documents together and put them in a safe place. Don’t forget to tell the people you have made responsible for carrying out your wishes where they can be found and if locked away, where the key is kept!

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